TIMFuck – Victor Savio

Another fresh week and as always, time to see a brand new timfuck scene here with some hot and horny guys playing naughty. The main attraction in this one is Victor Savio, a hot and eager stud that gets to have his ass ravished by this other guy sporting a bald head and a scraggy beard and tattoos. Well the sexy Victor is all down for all things naughty when he fucks so you can bet that he’s pretty eager to get to let this guy do whatever he wants to his ass and body as long as he gets pleasure out of the whole tim fuck show. So let’s not waste anymore time and just watch Victor in some pretty intense anal play sessions this afternoon here!


As you all know, this site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see some pretty hot and sexy studs getting down and dirty every week and we think that we have brought you some amazing stuff so far. We always strive for it to be the best of the best as you know as well. But yeah, there’s always something new and fresh. Anyway, coming back to these two, see Victor moan as he gets to have his ass eaten out and then see him moan some more as he gets to stay bent over and take it some more in the ass as well today. We’ll return soon with more and if you want more right now, you can check out the past galleries as well. Bye bye!

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Three Way Orgiastic Binge

Hey there guys and gals. We have a bit of a special timfuck scene here today as you can see and we really hope that you’ll enjoy it. The trio of studs present in this gallery are all nice and ready to play naughty for you and the reason why we bring it to you here, is to say thank you for following us for so long. Of course, there’s going to be more, but you know, it’s just a little something as appreciation. Anyway, this threesome has no less than three muscular bears getting to play with each other and you just have to see the timfuck show unfold this week. Get ready to see a whole lot of ass fucking and naughty sexual positions in this one guys!

Of course, for this one, all three muscled guys get to take their time to play around and show off their stunning bodies for you all as they get down and dirty and you just have to see it all go down. See them strip and pose sensually and enjoy the exposing of each and every single inch of those muscled bodies. After all that, see them get to do their fucking and you just need to see them take turns to receive it in the ass but also give it. All in all it’s a simply glorious show with them today and we hope that you will adore it. We’ll return again next week with another new update and some more hot and steaming gay action for you all!


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TIMFuck – Tom

The time has come again to see some more timfuck action with some hot guys getting wild on camera once again. And this week we have Tom here, a older stud that wants to show he can still hang with the rest of the hip crowd and that he still has plenty of energy to spare when it comes to having sex. So yeah, just sit back and relax as you get to watch this old guy getting to have his cock tended to by a guy in his twenties today. The stud is ready and eager to get to play with Tom’s nice and big cock in today’s tim fuck scene as it’s pretty big and as you already know, these guys adore having big things in their asses too. So let’s get started!


So yeah as we said, Tom was all prepared to let the guy play with his meat in this one and you just have to watch the show unfold without delay here. Watch the younger stud getting around to start working the cock with his lips and even some nice tongue action there. Of course this gets Tom rock hard in seconds and ready to go in that ass nice and deep. See the guy getting on top of Tom to begin with and see him riding that cock nice and hard cowboy style to start things off nicely too. We can assure you that there’s much more going down and all you need to do is take your time to check it all out. We’ll see you again soon!

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Rafael Carreras & Cody Winter

Well we’re here again with more juicy timfuck action that you just have to see and this week’s couple that you get to see playing nasty on cam is formed by Rafael Carreras and Cody Winter. Rafael is of course a pretty Latino stud with a nice and big cock and Cody is very very okay with the idea to have his big cock stretching his ass for the afternoon. So before it even starts he’s already decided that he’s going to be on the receiving end of all this. Rafael is happy either way and you are about to watch this timfuck couple go to work in their fuck session as they play today. Let’s just get it started and see them fucking passionately and hard today shall we?

As the action begins, you can see that it takes place in the bedroom on that bed with the nice looking satin sheets on it. The horny Cody gets right to work on Rafael’s cock as both of them start already nude in this one. And you can see him sucking and working that cock with his tongue and expert lips so good that he makes Rafael nearly blow his load once too. But he doesn’t desire that, as he wants that nice and creamy load all up in his fine ass. So yeah, let’s get to see some pretty intense anal action going down after the oral and just like he wanted, Cody gets his cute ass creamed at the end as well. We’ll see you next week with some more new action!


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TIMFuck – Throbbing Dick

Another fresh week and time to get to check out a brand new timfuck update as usual. You know that we always like to go around and collect the best guys to see on cam fucking and then we just leave them to their own devices to have as much fun as they want to each other. That was just the case with this couple, as you can see this hairy guy with a sleeve tattoo getting to plow his new fuck buddy up the ass all afternoon long and showing you how much fun they got to have together in this tim fuck scene today. So yeah, let’s not delay this any longer and see this twink getting to have his tight ass fucked deep by a big cock today shall we?


Everything was all set for them to start to play and of course, any great and sensual scene needs some amazing foreplay to aid it doesn’t it? Well the guy on the bottom gets to put on display how good he is at blowing cocks too, so watch him closely as he gets to suck and deep throat that man meat in this show as well as he makes sure to have it rock hard for his ass. Then, like many other studs around the place, you can see him spread his legs and receiving that cock in it’s entirety in his ass without fail. We’ll return again next week once again and we will have even more new content to let you check out. See you then

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Hunter Williams and Mickey Carpathio

There’s a brand new timfuck gallery here to see this week and it features two guys that you have seen here getting nasty and naughty in the past. They are Hunter Williams and Mickey Capathio and they plan on showing off what they like to do when they are all along in their sexy and fresh gallery here today. Well let’s get right in the action with this one as Mickey and Hunter are two very very horny studs that don’t like to waste time. And they do have quite a lot of neat and juicy stuff to get to show off to you all without delay in this new show for the afternoon. Get ready to check out a tim fuck scene with some juicy and hard core gay fucking this afternoon!

Once the cameras roll the two are straight at it in the small apartment that they get to share for this one. And by the looks of it, they go right for it in the middle of the living room on that nice and big comfy couch. Of course, clothes fly off fast in every direction and the guys are more and more horny. See the guy with the wing tattoos getting to be the top for this one and he has his friend bend over for him. Then he proceeds to eat out that ass to make it nice and ready and after all that, he goes in with that dick of his and pounds the guy anally nice and hard for the rest of the show. We’ll see you again next week with some more new action!


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TIMFuck – Rocky DiMarco

It’s time to get today’s new timfuck show on the road once again and see some more eager guys getting to fuck for you and the camera and having lots and lots of fun with it as well. These two studs as you can see, are about to engage in some interracial action for this one, like some of the previous scenes we’ve had around here and rest assured that they know how to do things right too. They were stationed at this hotel in their own room with two beds, but since tonight they were super horny, they got to use just one in the tim fuck scene to play on. So let’s watch the white guy on the receiving end in this one as he takes some black cock up the ass without delay!


As soon as it starts off, they get down to business and you can check them out in their action of course. Watch them getting all touchy feely as they kiss and caress and you even get to see the white guy show off his oral prowess as he sucks his buddy’s cock to make sure that it’s all nice and hard too. Then he lays on his back with legs wide spread and awaits his dicking eagerly. The black guy just goes in on that ass as soon as the offer is up and you just need to see him go to town on it, making the white guy moan in pleasure here today. Here’s hoping that we get to see them play together again in the future as the two were just amazing in this one!

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Hunter Williams, Mickey Carpathio & Rikk York

Welcome back yet again everyone. We hope you’re ready for this week’s simply stunning and hot timfuck update as you are about to check out another steaming hot gay fuck fest with no less than three guys getting in on the action. So yeah, sit back and enjoy this one as it’s truly one unforgettable experience to check out these guys getting down and dirty with one another just for you and the cameras. And there’s a lot in their gallery to see too. We’re sure that this new and fresh timfuck gallery will be one to remember for a long time so let’s just get it started to see the whole group taking their time to put on a great group fuck fest for you all shall we?

The guys seem eager to start off as soon as the show begins and the cameras roll and one could hardly fault them for that as they were horny as hell and ready to get to party hard with each other of course. So yeah, check the action out starting with them getting naked fast and putting those sexy nude bodies on display for all of you too. We’ll return next week once again and we’re going to have a fresh new scene all lined up too. But for now, just watch them taking turns to get to fuck one another in the ass and see them enjoying every single second of it. As we said, we’ll see you next week with the new juicy content and ore gay sex scenes!


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TIMFuck – Raw Fuck

Hey there guys. You want to see some more timfuck action? well you came at the right place as usual to enjoy some more naughty and nasty action just as we always have for you and this one is another must watch show. This time we have a nice little threesome with these guys and it’s quite the nice and raw anal pounding action to behold. The story in this one is that these two white guys were really horny and in the mood to take it up the ass and they were thirsty for black cock in this tim fuck show. So take your time to see them having this black stud that they scored, fuck them both balls deep in the ass for the rest of this glorious and hot scene.


Well the scene starts off just about how you’d expect it to, with these two hot guys more or less getting all over the black guy and making sure that they get his cock nice and hard for the next part which was of course them getting to take it in their asses here today. Either way, once they are all nice and done with their little foreplay you can see them taking turns on laying back and letting the guy use his big black dick to fuck them nice and hard throughout the whole thing and we bet that you will just adore the whole session. We’ll return soon of course and there will be even more amazingly hot and juicy action to check out then as well!

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Hardcore Bareback Sex

You are just in time to get to see some more amazing timfuck session this week with more amazing studs. And just like the title suggests, things are about to get quite steamy in this new gallery here too. Let’s just take the time to enjoy the action with these guys and watch some superb action getting done with them playing nasty. The gallery itself contains lots and lots of amazing images to see with them enjoying a classy timfuck scene and we bet that you will enjoy it too. So let the cameras roll and let’s see some more incredible anal sex getting performed right in front of the cameras and you ladies and gents for this afternoon shall we?

Once the duo is all set to have their fun, sit back and enjoy the usual kissing and caressing as the two guys get more and more horny today and by the time they are all set to fuck, the guy with the much paler complexion is the one to give up his ass for a good dicking. Just sit back and watch the guy spreading his legs for his fuck buddy and watch him getting his dicking missionary style from that stud as he uses that big cock to fuck the horny guy bareback here today. We’re sure that you will enjoy the whole show with them and we’ll be sure to bring you even more next week too, so just stay tuned to see the action unfold okay?


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